Depending on your settings, either a manager will open and close the register or each employee will have to open and close their own.

All orders must be closed or invoiced in order to close the register.

Click the Options button in the Menu Bar. The options menu will appear.

Click the Register button.

At the Register menu click the Details button.

The Register details menu will appear. This will show you in detail all the orders since the time the register has been opened. It is also show if you have any validation errors. These are orders that are still open.

If you have validation errors:

Write down or Remember all the order numbers that are giving you errors.

Use the Register History function to find the order and close the order.

Try to close the register again.

If no errors:

Scroll down to the bottom of the menu.

Enter the amount of cash in the drawer in the field.

Click Go.

If successful the register will be closed.