Split Pay: This functionality is for splitting one order amount into 2 forms of payment (example: one cash & the other credit). Simply select "split pay" tab on tender/Pay page. Enter "split amount" on "Total amount Box" and select the first form of payment. Once done then it will show you the remaining balance on "Amount Box". Select the Second form of payment. 

You can also split the order amount equal number of distribution by simply selecting "+" sign on split pay screen, and proceed the different form of payments.

Split Check: This tab can be found under "action" on tender page. Split check is used when 2 guests sitting in one table and paying it separately. Simply select "Split Check" and select "Add Ticket". Select "Check 2", and select the product from "Ticket 1". Product will move to "Check 2". Now select "Done" and now you will be at one of split check order. Pay the order and select "2+" on top of order pad to go to the 2nd split check (if you split a check into 4 then the order pad will show "4+"). Now close the 2nd split check